Fishing for profits: Ben Tewes trades stocks so he can go fishing any time he wants

Ben Tewes

Health Insurance Executive

When you think about it, trading stocks is a lot like fishing...

While talking about amazing stock market opportunities, Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money once said: "This is like fishing, catching a 40-inch edible fish every day, each different from the day before.”

Experienced traders would agree that the end of a successful trading day can feel a lot like coming home from a good fishing trip.

Sure. You had to deal with some doubt and uncertainty, but you stayed focused, and were able to reel in one or more winning trades. Best of all, you got a few thrills, and have a good story to tell your buddies.

Many traders know that a successful day in the market can give them a sense of pride and accomplishment that far outweighs getting a paycheck.

That's right, for some traders, it’s not all about the thrill of making money.

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Ben Tewes is a 32-year-old health insurance executive who invests and trades to generate extra income to fund his passion for fishing, fast cars, and unforgettable life experiences.


New Smyrna Beach, Florida


Health Insurance Executive

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Trading Isn't Always About Making Boatloads of Money

Many traders do what they do as a means to an end. For them, trading stocks is a way to make the extra money they need to follow their true passions.

American film and television actor Lee Marvin once said, “I only make movies to finance my fishing.”

Stock trader (and fisherman) Ben Tewes would enthusiastically agree with Mr. Marvin's statement about making money, so you can do what you love to do.

We recently got a chance to interview Ben about his passion for trading stocks.... and fishing.

Raging Bull: Where do you live and what kind of work do you do?

Ben: I live in New Smyrna Beach, Florida and have been working in the health insurance industry for the past 10 years.

Raging Bull: How long have you been trading and investing?

Ben: Even though I'm only 32-years-old, I've been active in the stock market since college. I've always been more of a buy and hold investor, but a few years back I took a course on options, and really enjoyed the trading aspect of it. 

I especially like that options are leveraged and there are ways to buy spreads to lower risk. I've been trading options for about 3 years now.

"I took Jeff Bishop's trade the other day, and it immediately paid for my Total Alpha course."

Ben Tewes

Health Insurance Executive

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Raging Bull: Ben, when and where do you trade?

Ben: Luckily, I have the flexibility to make trades from my phone and work computer.

Raging Bull: Why did you join Jeff Bishop's Total Alpha?

Ben: Honestly, it's pretty simple. I get emails from Jason every day, and eventually, I just decided to bite.

Raging Bull: What has been your experience as a member of Total Alpha so far?

Ben: Well, I just got started with you guys this week, so it's a little early to give much feedback. But I will say that I took Jeff Bishop's trade the other day, and it immediately paid for my Total Alpha course. Even if I don't make anything else for the rest of the year, I'm already off to a great start!

Raging Bull: Wow! That was fast! Could you tell us more about that trade?

Ben: I usually close my positions gradually, so I've got two screenshots. I made a 139% profit on TLT. My total gain was over $1,500.

"I made a 139% profit on TLT. My total gain was over $1,500."

Ben Tewes

Health Insurance Executive

Raging Bull: Ben, based on what you've learned so far, what advice would give another trader who's just starting out?

Ben: I highly recommend that people study the information and videos before taking trades. They should also paper trade and follow along for a while. Options are a way to lose lots of money quickly if you're not prepared. It's all about timing your exists and being smart.

Fast Cars, Fishing Boats... Plus $10,000 in Extra Monthly Income

Raging Bull: How has your life changed since you started trading?

Ben: So far trading has helped finance my passion for fishing and other cool experiences like racing Porsches. Also, I recently bought a fishing boat with my trading profits. It's a Hell's Bay Waterman.

Raging Bull: Very cool! So what are your plans for the future?

Ben: Well,  I'd like to supplement my income with gains from trading. Currently, it's only a few thousand extra per month, but I am working toward $10k per month consistently. I sincerely believe Jeff's Total Alpha can help me do that.

Ben Tewes

Health Insurance Executive

"I am working toward $10k per month consistently. I sincerely believe Total Alpha can help me do that."

Ben Tewes

Health Insurance Executive

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