How This American Expat Trades Stocks To Fund Travel And The Life Of His Dreams

Samuel Carpenter

Stock Trading Expat

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind," said the Stoic philosopher, Seneca.

Living in another country, or even on another continent, can bring rich rewards. It gives you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture. You get to know its people and history while absorbing some of that culture into yourself.

Without a doubt, you’ll forever be changed by the enriching experiences that come with living in a foreign land.

Sometimes, it gives you a chance to travel from that country to other nearby countries easily. It also brings the opportunity to see the beauty of nature as it unfolds in a different climate and at a different latitude.

Those who see and experience other cultures and environments grow in many ways. As author and world traveler, Mary Anne Radmacher says, "I’m not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world."

Travelers learn new things and new ways of doing ordinary, everyday things. If they’re lucky, they get to know the locals. And this gives them a chance to discover firsthand, traits in people of other cultures that we all share.

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Samuel Carpenter is the son of a New Hampshire farmer. For the past 10 years, he has lived in Northern Thailand, just across the border from Laos and within a short walk to the Mekong River. By learning to trade using Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha system, Samuel hopes to continue enjoying life as an expatriate, traveling, and helping those in need.


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Stock Trading Expat

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Daily Opportunities To Make The World a Better Place

People who travel and spend extended periods in foreign countries will see that all humans share the same needs. We need shelter, clean food, and water; the love of family; the need for spiritual groundedness as well as meaningful work.

Not only do travelers become more tolerant, but they become more accepting, even more loving of others despite our apparent differences.

Because North Americans enjoy such a high standard of living compared to that experienced by citizens of other countries in the world, many expats also see people in great need.

This is especially true of expats living in rural and developing countries. These intrepid travelers learn to appreciate many simple things that Americans take for granted.

Very often, expats feel the tug at their hearts to be generous and to share their wealth, without needing to control others.

In many countries, sharing only a small amount of American money can make a big difference in the lives of others. Sharing also helps the giver experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose by doing good deeds.

“I needed to make back the money I lost due to my confusion in trading. It was a lot, so it could take a couple of years.”

Samuel Carpenter

Stock Trading Expat

Imagine Calling a Rice Field in Thailand "Home"

Samuel Carpenter is an American currently living in rural Northern Thailand, just a short walk to the Mekong River. "I've been living in Thailand for about 10 years now and hope to continue," he says. "As cheap as it is, you still need a certain amount to live as an expat."

Samuel can do many things that enrich his life from his home base, located in a rice field. From Thailand, he can easily travel throughout the rest of Asia.

Earning money through stock and options trading enables him to travel more extensively, which is what he truly loves to do.

A good income stream also allows Samuel to be generous with those he meets who have very little in a material sense. "Generosity and love for humanity and the children! That is what I'm about," he says.

He had tried several trading methods to earn the income stream needed to continue living out his dream. Unfortunately, none worked well for him. "Believe me, I’ve tried everything, and usually, it got more confusing and became a total mistake," recalls Samuel.

"I took a chance on Total Alpha out of desperation. Believe me, I’ve tried everything, and it usually got more confusing and became a total mistake."

Samuel Carpenter

Stock Trading Expat

Embarking On an Exciting New Adventure

After losing much of his money through trading mistakes, Samuel decided to try Total Alpha. "I took a chance out of desperation." Once he signed up, he was paired with his mentor, Jeff Bishop.

From Jeff, Samuel has learned a method of trading stocks that’s easy to understand and has already resulted in several winning trades.“I’m up 10,000 in the last month and expect another $10,000 this month!"

Needless to say, he’s grateful to his mentor. "Jeff, you turned my life around. I'm making money and have a new beginning! You straightened me out big time," he adds laughingly.

The way Sam sees it, “By helping me build an additional income stream, Jeff is giving me a longer lifespan. Without that income, the lack of money would lead to financial death.”

"You turned my life around! I'm making money and a new beginning. Up $10,000 in the last month and expect another $10,000 this month! Bless you, Jeff. You saved my life!"

Samuel Carpenter

Stock Trading Expat

Samuel's Personal Journey To Financial Freedom

The more Samuel practices what he's learning from Jeff Bishop and Total Alpha, the more money he can earn to have the freedom to travel and help people in need.

To get where he wants to go, Sam needs to make back the money he previously lost by trading with other systems. And since he lost a lot of money, regaining it is going to take some time.

Samuel currently estimates that his journey to financial freedom will take a couple of years. The good news is, he feels that his goal is finally within reach!

To achieve his goal, Sam plans to carefully follow his mentor and others who trade using the Total Alpha system so he can arrive there smoothly and with fewer unwanted detours. "Now I'm confident it can be done," he says calmly with a smile.

Samuel Carpenter

Stock Trading Expat

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