How this busy accountant multiplies her trading profits using less time and money

Thuy Nguyen

Certified Public Accountant

The vast majority of people start trading while they’re still working at a 9 to 5 day job.

While most are looking for a way to generate an extra stream of income or grow their retirement savings, there’s an ever-growing group of individuals who dream of becoming professional traders who work from home or remotely.

These freedom-loving souls envision the day when they can bid farewell to their boss, stressful commute and the B.S. of office politics, so they can work from the comfort of home while enjoying the income and flexibility to do more of what they love to do most.

Unfortunately, learning to trade with a full-time job can be a major challenge, and getting to the point where you can quit your day job to become a full-time trader can at times, seem like an overwhelming task.

The good news is that your goal of financial independence and personal autonomy is a realistic one. You’ll be happy to know that we see our members transitioning from amateurs to professional traders on a regular basis.

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Thuy Nguyen is a Certified Public Accountant who lives and works in the Houston area. Being that she has very little time to trade, Thuy was looking for a system that would be easy to follow and not require her to watch the market constantly. Her goal is to eventually be in a position to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of trading full-time.


Sugar Land, Texas


Certified Public Accountant

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Becoming a Professional Stock Trader

Making the transition from part-time to professional trader requires a combination of time-released discipline, focus, and determination. However, if you’re in a hurry to start living life on your own terms, plugging yourself into a market-tested trading system can greatly speed up the process.

Having the guidance of an experienced mentor who has systematically produced trading success can help you compress the time needed to liberate yourself from the proverbial 9 to 5 grind.

Take the case of Thuy Nguyen, an accountant living in the Houston area. As a busy CPA, Thuy doesn’t have much time to trade. Although she has tried to speed up her learning by signing up for different trading services, Thuy feels that she started making real progress after joining Jeff Bishop’s Total Alpha.

During a recent interview, Thuy told us, “The turning point was watching all the lessons and being in the chat rooms. I used to keep on chasing, and it finally clicked when I watched Jeff's lessons and starting looking at his live portfolio. It was really easy. He just listed his calls and puts and when he entered them. The rest was for me to decide if I wanted to chase or wait and get in at a good entry point. A lot of times Jeff allowed enough time for me to follow the stocks and see which way they were trending.”

"I wanted something that would be easy for me to look at and not have to constantly watch the stocks. Total Alpha allows me to use less cash and still get my gains."

Thuy Nguyen

Certified Public Accountant

Transparency Made All The Difference

After subscribing to different trading services, Thuy feels that Jeff’s genuine openness and transparency really changed the game for her.

”It was because Jeff Bishop allowed me to see his portfolio and showed me what he was actually doing. Some trading services don't do that at all,” she says.

Although Thuy is just starting to find her footing when it comes to trading options, she's already starting to rack up gains using Jeff’s system. "I'm up $1,200 in LULU calls, Cost Calls, and STZ in the last week. “Now I’m finally feeling more confident in looking at the stocks and seeing when I should enter and exit."

A big hurdle inexperienced traders have to face is knowing when to get into a trade and when to get out. The Total Alpha system takes this into account and helps traders overcome this common challenge by providing members with timely watchlists, real-time SMS alerts, and most importantly, live streaming of Jeff Bishop's trading account. This level of access and transparency is a rare find in the stock trading industry.

"Jeff Bishop allowed me to see his portfolio and showed me what he was actually doing. Some trading services don't do that at all."

Thuy Nguyen

Certified Public Accountant

Looking Forward To The Trader’s Lifestyle

Like so many people trading in their spare time, Thuy longs for the day when she can easily transition from her day job to the freedom and flexibility that come with being a professional trader.

This is why Thuy is so focused, determined and willing to do what it takes to make that transition while she’s still young enough to enjoy the many lifestyle perks available to successful home-based traders.

Having easy access to an experienced mentor with a proven track record of success can greatly accelerate your learning curve and help you reach the level of trading confidence needed to finally say “Adios” to your day job.

Thuy Nguyen knows this, and that’s why she's trying to learn all she can, as fast as possible, even with her busy work schedule, "Jeff has taught me that I can eventually make my living off of day trading. I’ve just got to get more experience under my belt.”

“My goal is to eventually do trade for a living and not have the stress that comes with being a CPA anymore,” she says.

"I am up $1,200 in LULU calls and Cost Calls and STZ in the last week. Now I'm feeling more confident in looking at the stocks and seeing when I should enter and exit."

Thuy Nguyen

Certified Public Accountant

Thuy Nguyen

Certified Public Accountant

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